Russell lives in Hackney, London and has been a customer since 2012. He is a senior campaigns officer for the Green Party and in his spare time goes on long walks around the city (can you spot where in London he is in the photo above?) He is preparing for the birth of his first child.

What is Triodos Bank to you?

Triodos Bank is a bank that supports positive things and I can see where my money is invested through a list on its website where it publishes all the projects it supports, with the money people deposit at the bank – so basically, I know where my money goes. I find that reassurance and transparency important.

Why it is important to you that your bank aligns with your values?

I find it really important to know where my money goes. It is the only way to make the financial sector more transparent and accountable for what they do with our savings. I’ve been involved with the student divestment movement. So, for me, money has become part of my values. An ethical way of living and campaigning for climate change have always been my main drivers.

Does becoming a parent make you think differently about how you save and invest?

Absolutely. I have always been passionate about ensuring the world is worth living in for future generations, but having a child definitely made me reflect on that even more. That's why it's really important to me that my investments and savings aren't fuelling things which are likely to lead to social and environmental destruction over the coming decades.

Why did you choose to a Triodos online cash ISA?

I want the interest on my savings not to be at the expense of society. I want to stay away from fossil fuels and nasty sectors like tobacco or weapons.

What sectors in society would you most like your money to support?

For my job, and outside of work, I campaign against the fossil fuel industry, and so I always love seeing when Triodos invests in the renewable sector, helping to limit climate breakdown. But I also love seeing what they do in local communities. I remember seeing once that Triodos was supporting one of my favourite music venues Village Underground– and providing arts opportunities for local young people. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen Triodos invest in anything I haven't admired and approved of. 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time, I love to read, walk, and cook. I do a bit of activism, mainly around challenging the power of the fossil fuel industry, and do a bit of writing for some magazines and blogs. I'm also currently trying to play through all fifteen or so Legend of Zelda games in order. Many hours of effort later, I'm still only on the second one.

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