Jack works for the NHS in local oncology and is based in Exeter. Alongside his job he is studying for a Masters in Advancing Healthcare Practice. Jack’s favourite pastime is walking in nature, he especially loves exploring the sea and coastal paths. As well as hiking, Jack is an avid reader and particularly enjoys reading historical and biographical books.

Why do you choose to bank with Triodos?

I like the fact that Triodos is a bank with a message. You can put your postcode in and see what businesses it supports – it’s not just looking for profit. The Triodos concept of profit is much more about benefits to the world and actual physical profit to our planet. It’s a bank that sticks by its principles and doesn’t just follow the mainstream trend.

And how cool is it that you’ve got a debit card that’s made from plants! People find that quite impressive, that you’re paying with a plant.

Why is it important to you that your bank supports your values?

I like a bank that treats my money with respect and in view of the world picture – you’ve only got to look at the news for a couple of seconds and you realised that the world’s in a bit of a pickle. Even if you don’t specifically have time to be campaigning or actually doing anything yourself, by pure means of just having your financials flow through Triodos everybody is able to do something and to send a message.

It’s an easy way of doing your bit that everyone can relate to – everyone needs a current account but not everyone has the time or the energy to be going out and making things happen. Simply by using Triodos, you’re helping to support businesses that ultimately will last. A lot of young people are getting into this ‘green’ way of thinking – that is going to come more to the forefront in the not-so-distant future.

How do you feel about the current banking sector?

Well it’s full of the good, the bad and the ugly! A few banks are doing their bit, but I think there’s a lot of corruption, a lot of exploiting, and it’s very much ‘oh well, as long as we make our profit then that makes it okay’.

It’s good to know that you are supporting an organisation that is honest about the way it does business and invites everyone to its Annual Meeting.

How important is it to know where your money goes and what your bank invests in?

It is important. At the end of the day, it’s just a way of knowing that your money is supporting a better and more sustainable world. While your money is sat in a bank, why not let it be a powerful force for good and invested by people who know what they’re doing and the customers they support. I wouldn’t have a clue how to set up a business, but I feel like I partner in making these organisations successful.

What sectors in society would you like your money to support the most?

Oooh! There’s so much. I obviously have a bit of a soft spot for health, because of my work. But aid for the needy and making sure everyone is safe and housed is important. Animal welfare and environment – that kind of stuff too. So that nature can be nature!

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