Providing both opportunities and space for organisations to network, collaborate and for start-ups to grow and connect, the site also hosts events and is home to a café, bar, and even a spa.

CSpace was formed as a result of its team’s vison for success in Cornwall with Cornish businesses working collaboratively, generating creativity and competition in the region.

“In Cornwall businesses have to work harder together to compete,” explains Rob Love, CSpace Founder and Crowdfunder CEO. “They have to collaborate and then, together, they can be more creative and competitive.”

The majority of a new loan from Triodos Bank will be used to refinance CSpace’s existing development loan. This is in preparation for the next phase of development at CSpace, in which hotel rooms will be offered on the second floor and improvements will be made to the environmental and sustainable footprint of the building.

“This loan will help us to do more to support the business community here and to help organisations that can benefit from a space like ours,” adds Rob.

The CSpace property has a central tenant, Crowdfunder, the UK’s largest rewards based crowdfunding platform. Since its establishment in 2014, Crowdfunder has supported over 80,000 charities, businesses and community projects to date.

John Sharpe, relationship manager at Triodos Bank, added: “Central to Triodos’s mission is that we only lend to organisations making a positive change. CSpace is a very good mission fit with Triodos, the project is creating significant impact in the local community in Newquay and across Cornwall.