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Triodos Bank takes part in events in many ways, whether sending you literature to display at your events, taking a stand at an exhibition, or giving presentations.

Word of mouth is the most powerful way for people to learn about the work and values of the Bank. With this in mind, we try to participate in as wide a range of events as possible, creating the opportunity for people to hear about our work first hand.

Upcoming events

Good Morning Networking Breakfast - How business will lead the circular economy

Wednesday 5 July, The Foundation - Triodos Bank

During the event you will:

  • Connect with like-minded, values-driven professionals from the local area.
  • Hear from Jane Stephenson at Resource Futures, who will explain her vision of the steps needed to make the circular economy a reality.
  • Enjoy a delicious, organic breakfast from local suppliers.

This event is free to attend but places are limited so please book early.

Find out more and register

Past main events

Change Together - Triodos Bank 2017 Annual Meeting

Changing the world is hard on your own. It’s easier when you’re many.
That’s why the theme for our annual meeting this year was Change Together.

2017 is a significant year for Triodos in the UK. After 22 years as an established savings provider we launched a current account for personal customers at our Annual Meeting. This transforms us as a bank, enabling us to appeal and engage with an even wider community of people who want to be part of a growing movement that is choosing to make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change.

Alongside the Annual Meeting there was an inspiring marketplace where a range of ethical and sustainable organisations will be offering their goods.

Relive the day here

THE WORK OF ART - Triodos Bank 2016 Annual Meeting

April 2016, Shoreditch, London.

With live performances, inspiring speakers and a marketplace of some of the finest ethical and sustainable organisations around, our 2016 Annual Meeting explored how arts and culture could enrich lives and build a healthier and more sustainable society.

Read more

Head Heart Days

With Triodos Bank you are a part of a movement for change, a community of individuals and organisations using the power of money to make a positive difference. Unlike most banks, we think it’s only fair you know where your money goes. Our Head Heart Days are a chance for you to hear first-hand from one of the inspiring organisations we finance.

September 2016, Stockley Farm Park

Visitors to Stockley Farm Park found out more about their valuable work, heard about the relationship with Triodos Bank and had a tour of the farm.

July 2016, Sheepdrove Organic Farm, Berkshire.

During the visit to Sheepdrove, there were opportunities to find out more about their valuable work, hear about the relationship with Triodos Bank and have a tour of the farm.

You can find out more about Head Heart Days here

Money Talks

Do you need an expert to talk about ethical finance at your event?

While mainstream banking struggles to come to terms with an unprecedented financial crisis, many ethical banks have flourished. Triodos is one of them. We’re Europe’s leading sustainable bank and have several engaging speakers available to discuss this, as well as a range of issues such as sustainability and finance, solutions for a sustainable world, social investment, mission-connected investment (or how charities can use their assets more effectively), and investing equity in social businesses. They can also discuss our current activity in the UK and Ireland, our future plans and the range of ethical issues we are engaged in.

Go Green

Triodos Bank is taking part in the GO GREEN initiative which is run in partnership with Bristol 2015 European Green Capital, Business West and Low Carbon South West.

The initiative aims to help businesses be better in five key areas: planning and resilience, travel and transport, energy and efficiency, sustainable sourcing and happy and healthy living.

For more information visit http://gogreenbusiness.co.uk/

Events Co-ordinator

If you know of an event you think Triodos Bank should be part of, if you would like us to speak at your event or if you are interested in attending either of our visits,  please contact our Events Co-ordinator

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The Colour of Money

Customer magazine - Spring 2017


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