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Customer Visits

Bringing together savers and investors who want to change the world for the better

Stockley Farm

Past customer visits:

Out of the Blue  | Edinburgh | February 2012
Wasps Artists' Studios  | Glasgow | October 2011  
Abbey Home Farm  | Cirencester | September 2011
Summerhill Farm | Devon | May 2011
Thee Premises Music Studios | London | November 2010
Church Farm | Ardeley - September 2010  

At Triodos, we exist to use money to benefit people and the planet, bringing together savers and investors who want to change the world for the better with sustainable enterprises doing just that. 

See where your money goes

Unlike most banks, we think it's only fair that our savers know where their money goes. So we offer the opportunity for people to visit some of the organisations to which we have lent money.

Guest feedback

"Thank you for an informative, insightful and inspirational day."

"Keep up the good work. It needs banks such as Triodos to focus investments on social and environmental projects and not just profit and bonus driven business."

"Thank you so much for asking us. It was cheering to see what our money was doing!"

Visits include organisations in the different sectors of environment, social and culture such as Age Exchange  in London, The Organic Research Centre  in Reading, Visionary Soap Company  in Hastings, Church Farm in Ardeley, Hertfordshire, and Thee Premises Music Studios in London. 



See all the places where Triodos puts savers money

See who we lend to. Triodos Bank - Know where your money goes


Organic Food and Agriculture

Triodos Bank finances the entire organic food chain, from farm to fork

Energy and climate

Triodos Bank has over 25 years' experience financing renewable energy. We're financing a transition to a renewable society.

Arts and Culture

Creative expression that enhance the development of individuals and the community

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Events Co-ordinator

If you know of an event you think Triodos Bank should be part of, if you would like us to speak at your event or if you are interested in attending either of our visits,  please contact our Events Co-ordinator

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