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Out of the Blue - Customer Visit

Bringing together savers and investors who want to change the world for the better

Over 40 customers and guests enjoyed our Customer Visit at Out of the Blue.

Out of the Blue Arts & Education Trust is at the heart of Edinburgh's cultural community. The charity provides affordable studio space and facilities for the city's artists, and generates opportunities for everyone to participate in the arts by fostering innovative and accessible projects.  

To find out more about Out of the Blue visit www.outoftheblue.org.uk    

If you would like to attend a customer visit please email us

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Events Co-ordinator

If you know of an event you think Triodos Bank should be part of, if you would like us to speak at your event or if you are interested in attending either of our visits,  please e-mail our Events Co-ordinator, christina.watson@triodos.co.uk

Arts and Culture

Creative expression that enhance the development of individuals and the community

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