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Triodos Bank Good Mornings: Networking Breakfasts

Our networking breakfasts are where professionals with ambitions for business beyond profit connect.

Held regularly in Bristol and Edinburgh, each event includes;

  • a talk from an innovator in social or environmental responsibility,
  • informal networking with like-minded professionals,
  • an organic breakfast.

Triodos Bank Good Mornings: Networking Breakfasts

Next event

How business will lead the circular economy

Wednesday 5 July, The Foundation - Triodos Bank

For centuries our economy has become increasingly linear – plundering resources to make things and then throwing them away or burning them when we’re finished.

In recent years an innovative concept has begun to evolve that seeks to challenge this outdated and unsustainable system.

The circular economy is a revolutionary approach that ensures we harness as much as we can from our resources, for as long as possible, before we recover and re-use any materials when we’re done.

The approach is also a powerful response to the challenges set by the UN's 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals, one of which urges us to set sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Triodos Bank's next Good Morning Networking Breakfast will explore the circular economy, and what it means for local businesses and organisations.

During the event you will:

  • Connect with like-minded, values-driven professionals from the local area.
  • Hear from Jane Stephenson at Resource Futures, who will explain her vision of the steps needed to make the circular economy a reality.
  • Enjoy a delicious, organic breakfast from local suppliers.

This event is free to attend but places are limited so please book early.

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