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Triodos Bank Good Mornings: Networking Breakfasts

Our networking breakfasts are where professionals with ambitions for business beyond profit connect.

Held regularly in Bristol and Edinburgh, each event includes;

  • a talk from an innovator in social or environmental responsibility,
  • informal networking with like-minded professionals,
  • an organic breakfast.

Triodos Bank Good Mornings: Networking Breakfasts

Previous events

Networking Breakfast - Celebrating female leadership - 21st June, Triodos Bank, Bristol

We heard from two inspirational female leaders who shared their stories of their challenges and successes, followed by a discussion and exploration of how different organisations (including banks) can better support women in business and social enterprise.

The breakfast was hosted by Rebecca Pritchard, Head of Business Banking at Triodos Bank UK.

We were excited to welcome:

Samantha Payne, COO & Co-founder, Open Bionics - an award-winning start-up that makes affordable and accessible robotic prosthetic hands using innovative emerging technologies. Samantha was recently named one of the world's top 25 women in robotics.

Jess Wright, Owner, Zion Bristol - a vibrant community hub based in a redundant church in south Bristol, boasting a cafe and arts space, and hosting events from quiz nights to theatre and live music. Jess was recipient of a Wonderful Women award this year for her work with the Bedminster Down community.

Networking Breakfast - Thriving Place: How to make what matters counts - 13 March, Triodos Bank, Bristol

We shared insights from the inaugural Thriving Places Index Report, and the results from 150 regions across England. Happy City have been developing place-based measures of progress to challenge GDP since 2010. The Thriving Places Index, launched in January in Westminster in partnership with Triodos Bank, is a pioneering approach to truly considering the conditions that enable us all the thrive, equitably and sustainably.

Happy City presented the report, and we discussed what the findings mean for us all whilst celebrating those organisations who are already working to drive wellbeing.

‘At last - a vision of our living-places that puts people first. It fills me with hope, inspiration and energy. Brilliant, vital and long overdue!’ - Emma Thompson

Networking Breakfast - The Science of Happy - 11 October, Triodos Bank, Bristol

Healthy City Week returned from 7th to 14th October and we set out to create and deepen conversations around some of the major health and sustainability challenges we face.

This networking breakfast was in partnership with Go Green and was the perfect chance to meet and network with local organisations, to hear some of the latest research and to discuss what we should - and possibly shouldn't - value in workplaces to keep us happy and healthy.

We all (hopefully) know that we need to feel valued, productive and at ease to produce our best work, but how can we make sure that our workplaces are contributing to this? With more and more importance attached to emotional satisfaction rather than security and financial aspects, how can we make sure we are attracting and retaining the best employees? How can we tell if our workplace is healthy and how can we change it if it isn't? What might smart technology tell us about the needs of staff?

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