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What's it like to work at Triodos Bank?

Find out from some of our co-workers

Discover why, for many of our co-workers, working at Triodos Bank is more than just a job. They are not just working for a bank, they are part of an organisation whose values are in line with their own and part of a community striving to create a better and more sustainable world.

Watch our short films and read our case studies to find out more about sustainable banking, our co-workers, what they do, why they joined us and what working for Triodos means to them.

Zoe Sear

Marketing & Communications

Dan Evans

Business Analysis

Faces of Triodos

We asked some of our co-workers what it was like to work at Triodos Bank.

Jeremy Pannell

Corporate Finance

Diane Thieme

Customer Contact

What's it like to work at Triodos Bank?

Share our four co-worker stories.