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Dormant and lost accounts

If you hold an account with Triodos and you have not made any withdrawals or deposits for some time, and you have not been in touch with us, we may suspend operation of your account.

We do this to protect you. It can stop fraud and identity theft - it's not a good practice to send out statements and other materials to an out-of-date address, where someone could try and access your account or use the correspondence for other fraudulent purposes. It also protects your privacy by not allowing confidential information to go to an old address.

The funds in the account remain your property. If you want to reactivate a dormant account held in your name with Triodos, then please contact us with as much information as you are able to provide. We will process your request, and, if the account is still open, we will confirm the details and reactivate the account for you. Before reactivation of a dormant account, you may be required to provide suitable evidence of your identity and your legal claim to the account.

If you are trying to trace a lost account, but you are not sure at which bank or building society the account is held, you can obtain further information on tracing an account by visiting www.mylostaccount.org.uk , or alternatively you can ask us to send you a leaflet about lost accounts.

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