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James Miller, Customer Operations co-worker

"Individuals within the bank have been very supportive of me developing my career, with many people willing to listen and help me get to where I want to go."

What did you do before starting at Triodos Bank?

For the 7 months between graduating from Cardiff Business School and starting here, I worked as a trainee IFA with a Wealth Management company. I left mainly because I couldn’t relate to the goals of the organisation, and I didn’t enjoy the working culture.

What led you to join Triodos Bank?

My university course made me aware that there were ethically driven areas of financial services. A quick Google search of ‘ethical investments’ led me to the Triodos website, where I was delighted to discover there was a vacancy waiting to be filled!

What position were you in when you joined Triodos Bank?

Customer Operations

What year was this?


How has Triodos Bank supported your progression?

Individuals within the bank have been very supportive of me developing my career, with many people willing to listen and help me get to where I want to go. Also, my manager realises that there are other avenues within the bank that I may want to explore, and she has been very helpful and supportive with regards to making allowances with my time to pursue these options.

What has been the best thing about your career at Triodos Bank?

As well as having a supportive, comfortable and friendly place to work, the best thing for me has been the opportunities to speak and listen to high level co-workers with regards to the banks operations. It is rewarding and satisfying to know that, even in an entry level position, you are never too far from those who determine the strategic direction the bank takes.

What one thing would you want to tell someone looking at starting a career with Triodos Bank?

Other places may pay you better, but personally I put very high value on working in such a supportive and friendly workplace, particularly when you know your work is contributing in some way to a better, more sustainable future.

Where is your career going at Triodos Bank? What is your ultimate career goal?

I would like to gain experience in working on big business-to-business deals that make a large impact on society or the environment. Within Triodos, this could lead me towards a career in Corporate Finance, Business Banking or Triodos Renewables. I would like to combine this with some ambassadorial or spokesperson responsibilities, drawing on my business experiences to promote sustainable businesses and societies. I would also jump on any opportunity to work abroad!

What do you like the most about working at Triodos Bank?          

I love working in a company that has a pioneering role in the ever-growing network of sustainable businesses who so defiantly stand, and work towards, a better future. This feeling is emphasized greatly when one becomes aware of the many businesses out there who undertake myopic and destructive activities. The Monday morning co-worker meeting is also a great way to start the week!

What sort of things are you working on currently?

Customer Operations encompasses many small areas of work, focusing mainly on the administrative requirements of personal and business customers. Recently, I have been testing and using the new system that allows business account applicants to open an account online.

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