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Kate Leahy, Business Banking Operations Manager

"I joined Triodos Bank because wanted to put my qualification to use, working for an ethically driven organisation."

What did you do before starting at Triodos Bank?

I qualified as a Chartered Accountant at PwC.

What led you to join Triodos Bank?

I wanted to put my qualification to use, working for an ethically driven organisation.

What position were you in when you joined Triodos Bank?

Internal Audit and Risk Officer

What year was this?


What other positions at Triodos Bank have you held up to now?

The role of Local Security Officer was added to my role in 2011 and since January 2013, I have moved roles entirely to become Business Banking Operations Manager.

How has Triodos Bank supported your progression?

After a year and a half of working at Triodos, I realised I wanted my career to progress closer towards our core banking department and who we lend to.  I discussed this with a number of individuals and eventually a role became available which I was able to apply for.  During this process, I was supported by various individuals in helping me to identify my strengths as well as areas for development.  For these development areas, I was given mentoring, training and experience of working within these areas – I couldn’t have asked for any more, and there was a genuine feeling that these individuals were going above and beyond to help my career progress.

What has been the best thing about your career at Triodos Bank?

Being able to move my career towards areas that I enjoy.

What one thing would you want to tell someone looking at starting a career with Triodos?

Well done, good move!

Where is your career going at Triodos Bank? What is your ultimate career goal?

I’m yet to identify exactly where I want my career to end up, all I do know is that I want it to gravitate to those areas which give me most energy and enthusiasm, and so far Triodos has helped in making me do just that.

What do you like the most about working at Triodos Bank?

Everything.  The people, the place, the work and the ethos – I am yet to have a day where I don’t look forward to working at Triodos.

What sort of things are you working on currently?

Process improvements throughout the operational activities of the business banking department to ensure we are scalable to achieve our growth vision.

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