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Triodos Bank's cornerstone community art project lays foundations for better banking

27-11-2012 | Choosing the stone for Triodos Bank's cornerstone community arts project

Triodos Bank teams up with art-community for better banking.

A locally sourced stone is passed around from artist to artist to create a sculpture. The stone represents the cornerstone for better banking. The project will run in the four weeks to Christmas.

In asking the community to come together to create the cornerstone we hope to encourage people to think about the power of their individual actions for creating change, and how they can help shape a fairer and more sustainable future for banking.

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Cornerstone project 

Triodos Bank believes that culture is a powerful force for positive change. It drives creativity and innovation in business, and provides lasting opportunities for personal development. That's why we finance entrepreneurs across the creative spectrum, from individual artists to organisations providing them with studio space to work.

We live in a time when what you do every day can make a difference. What you may or may not buy. How you work. How you travel. All these actions together can make a big difference, and together we can start to change the world for the better.

That is why we've asked the Bristol art-community to join us in creating a statement for positive change. The finished piece will be exhibited at Triodos Bank's Bristol offices in January.

Artists taking part 

Triodos Bank has invited:

Rachel Davies and Catherine Gray

Rachel Davies is a contemporary artist with a strong focus on environmental sustainability.
Catherine Gray is a ceramics and 3D artist who has featured in the BBC2 series Britain’s Next Big thing presented by Theo Paphitis of Dragons' Den fame.

Ulf Mark Pederson

Ulf is a Bristol-based projection artist who explores the properties of light as a primary material.

Stephen Williams

Stephen is a Liberal Democrat MP for Bristol and became a Triodos Bank customer in the Spring of 2012. Williams has consistently championed the green agenda.


Acta is a community theatre which aims to give everybody from all walks of life a chance to be creative in a social way. Acta will incorporate the 'cornerstone' in one of their Christmas shows.

Jeff Hill

Jeff Hill is the CEO of the Children’s Scrapstore. They are a charity that collects safe waste from business which can be re-used as a low cost creative resource for children and adults to use in creative outlets. The Scrapstore is a Triodos Bank customer.

Alex Lucas

Alex Lucas is an illustrator, born and bred in Bristol. She graduated in textiles and went on to complete an MA in illustration and animation at Loughborough University.

Alistair Park

Alastair is well know for his intricate and precisely carved wooden insects. Alastair has been exploring different techniques from woodcarving to stone masonry and whittling objects with great stories.

Dick Penny

As chief executive of the Watershed, Dick Penny aims to curate ideas, spaces and talent to enable artistic visions and creative collaborations to flourish.


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