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Triodos Bank remains committed to operating in the UK.

Our ambition is to continue to support the nation's sustainable economy and individuals who want to embrace a more conscious approach to banking and finance.

30-03-2017 | At this stage it is not precisely clear how leaving the EU will affect the UK's financial system and regulatory framework. Nevertheless, we have been actively reviewing the potential implications for some time and will continue to monitor the situation closely while working with the relevant authorities and stakeholders.
Our personal banking customers and eligible organisations can rest assured that their money continues to be protected by the Dutch Guarantee Scheme while eligible investors continue to be covered by the Dutch Investor Compensation Scheme, until such a time that the UK government has negotiated different terms after Brexit. We will notify our customers of any changes to this position in the future. The Deposit Guarantee Scheme guarantees up to €100,000 per person and the Investor Compensation Scheme up to €20,000 per person. More information about the schemes is available here
There continues to be a huge potential for sustainable banking to grow both in scale and in terms of the impact it delivers. The UK's decision to leave the European Union has not affected the underlying trends driving this growth, and we hope to be able to continue to provide a genuinely sustainable banking alternative to individuals and organisations into the future.

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