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Triodos UK featured on BBC World Service’s ‘Business Matters’

Managing director Bevis Watts is interviewed on the rise of sustainable banking, sharing his conviction that finance should help move society forward

06-06-2017 |

Triodos UK's Managing Director Bevis Watts was a recent guest on the BBC World Service's Business Matters show where he discussed the intersection of finance and the environmental movement.

His history as a green innovator helped in laying out the reason why financial support is integral to the development of sustainable solutions that benefit society. He said: "I spent the early part of my career using money to try and stimulate growth in the UK recycling industry, using government money as guarantees to try and encourage banks to lend and finance into this world… Everything I've learned in 20 years trying to effect positive environmental change has led me to see how our financial systems are one of many systemic things that undermine everything I've tried to achieve… Banks could play a hugely positive role in society in terms of thinking about what money is doing in designing the future society we live in."

This vision of banking is core to how Triodos operates, only using depositor's money for positive social, environmental and cultural projects. Watts also cited examples of Triodos customers that exemplify this goal, including Ecotricity, Neil's Yard Remedies, and Café Direct.

He also suggested that to amplify the positive effects of banking on society, the UK requires greater diversity and more alternatives in the financial sector: "We offer people a really unique proposition: we're the only bank that says we'll use 100% of the funds entrusted to us for positive social, environmental and cultural causes... I think there are an awful lot of people out there that want to know their money is doing good things and they want to be banking with a bank that shares their values."

The full interview can be found online.

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