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Going for Gold

Triodos launches sustainable catering initiative

14-03-2011 | Caterers and restaurants across the UK which have gained the Soil Association's Food for Life Catering Mark will benefit from a special lending rate thanks to ethical specialist Triodos Bank.

Key points:

  • Triodos Bank has ring-fenced £5 million which it will lend at a 1% discounted rate to restaurants and caterers who have been awarded the Soil Association's gold or silver Food for Life Catering Mark.
  • If successful, the new initiative could support around 70 businesses and help to increase the number of caterers meeting the highest sustainable food standards. 

Triodos Bank has pledged to give a 1% discount on new loans to catering businesses that have been awarded the Soil Association's gold standard Food for Life Catering Mark, and also to silver award-holders who are actively working to attain gold. The awards encourage caterers to use more fresh, seasonal, local and organic ingredients, high welfare meat and fish from sustainable sources.

Ian Price, Manager of Triodos' Farming, Food and Trade Team says:
"There's a huge environmental imperative to move to more sustainable procurement across the whole of the food chain, matched by growing public appetite for local and organic food. We hope our new initiative will provide an extra incentive to restaurants and caterers to go for the gold Food for Life Catering Mark and provide more of the good food people are crying out for."

Triodos has pledged the discounted borrowing rate to businesses that meet the gold standard and hopes in particular to encourage silver award-holders to move to the highest award. 

Mike Bond, Catering Mark Manager at the Soil Association said: "The Food for Life Catering Mark gives people an independent guarantee that their food is fresh, free from controversial additives and better for animal welfare. Triodos stands out among banks as one that really puts its money where its mouth is, and we hope this initiative will provide support for caterers to move towards even higher standards of sustainability."

The offer is open to new borrowing customers that meet Triodos Bank's lending criteria and gain the Food for Life Catering Mark's gold and silver award. Minimum lending is £100,000 and businesses will be assessed on their financial performance as well as their social and environmental impact.

To find out more about Triodos Bank's services for organic and sustainable businesses contact business@triodos.co.uk or call 0800 328 2181 free.


Notes for Editors:

Triodos Bank is the world's leading sustainable bank. It only finances enterprises creating social, environmental or cultural added value - ranging from large ethical enterprises to smaller, innovative organisations meeting local needs. Key sectors include organic food and farming, renewable energy, social housing and fair trade. Transparency is a core value: customers are informed about the bank's lending and can target their savings to particular areas of investment. A range of personal savings accounts is offered and full banking services are available for businesses and charities.

The offer is open to new borrowing customers that meet Triodos Bank's lending criteria and the Food for Life Catering Mark's gold and silver awards. Funds can be used for a range of different purposes.  Typical rates are between 3 and 6 % over base for catering businesses depending on their credit risk.

For more information please call Will Ferguson on 0117 980 9770 or email william.ferguson@triodos.co.uk

About the Soil Association's Food for Life Catering Mark:

The Soil Association's Food for Life Catering Mark guarantees that what's on the menu is freshly prepared, free from undesirable additives and better for animal welfare. It offers three awards; bronze, silver and gold, which encourage caterers to make step-by-step progress towards greater use of seasonal, local and organic ingredients.
For more information visit  http://www.soilassociation.org/cateringmark.aspx   or contact catering@foodforlife.org.uk or 0117 914 2406.

About the Soil Association:

The Soil Association was founded in 1946 by a group of farmers, scientists and nutritionists who observed a direct connection between the health of the soil, food, people and the environment. Today the Soil Association is the UK's leading organic organisation, with over 200 staff based in Bristol and Edinburgh. It is an educational charity with some 27,000 members, and its certification subsidiary, Soil Association Certification Ltd, certifies over 80% of organic farming and food processing in the UK.

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