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Triodos New Horizons

31-05-2012 | Youth service provider Greater Merseyside Connexions Partnership (GMCP) has started the recruitment of around 4,000 young people to take part in the Triodos New Horizons programme. The scheme will help young people in Merseyside, many of whom are young offenders, have learning disabilities, or are in or leaving care. The programme is run in one of the most deprived areas of the UK where unemployment and youth crime is above average.

Payment by results

The scheme is unique in the way it is financed. The Triodos New Horizons programme differs from typical social services schemes, as it is funded by private sector social investors, who provide at-risk capital funding.  These investors will be repaid on a payment-by-results basis only when pre-agreed educational, training and employment targets are met. This way, the project has a three-way incentive to succeed. Firstly, investors see their money being spent on eradicating youth problems, while potentially earning a good return on their investment; secondly, four thousand individuals at risk of being NEETs* (Not in Education, Employment or Training) are given the opportunity to develop their skills and enter into work; and thirdly, taxpayers do not have to pay anything if the programme targets are not met.

Bringing people together

Triodos Bank is the first bank in the UK bringing together private investors and government funding to invest in social enterprises on this scale. The corporate finance team acted as lead adviser on the deal and, in partnership with GMCP, raised £1.5 million of funding for the programme in the form of a Social Impact Bond. This was invested in by a syndicate of leading UK social investors including, among others, Big Society Capital, Bridges Social Entrepreneurs Fund and CAF Venturesome. On behalf of investors, Triodos will retain a role in the performance management of the three-year scheme.

Building on experience

GMCP, a leading social delivery organisation with over twenty years of experience in Merseyside, designed the New Horizons programme. Together with local parties they will deliver the scheme. The contract was awarded through the first round of the £30 million DWP Innovation Fund, set up by the Government to support social investment projects over three years from 2012. The projects will support disadvantaged young people and those at risk. Via one-to-one coaching, youngsters will develop the mental resilience they need to overcome their personal challenges.

Dan Hird, Head of Corporate Finance at Triodos Bank, commented: "Triodos is pleased to have successfully structured this deal which creates a unique partnership between private sector investors and a longstanding social delivery organisation in GMCP. Our role included investor readiness advice for GMCP and the development and placement of a social impact bond which is capable of providing an attractive blended financial and social return to investors."

Kieran Gordon, CEO of GMCP, added: "The opportunity to tap into private investment from socially minded investors has enabled GMCP to develop and deliver  innovative solutions for some of the most disadvantaged young people in our area. Support for many of these young people has been severely reduced due to cuts in public funding; by making the case for investment it has enabled us to deal with problems before they become the focus of crisis measures. The partnership formed with Triodos Bank and, through Triodos, the relationship we have built with investors is an exciting and we hope a productive one in realising common goals."

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