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Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture

Under this heading, we include all forms of creative expression that inspire, enlighten or enhance the development of individuals and the community as a whole.

X 433

The number of loans to arts and cultural organisations

X 6.2 million visitors

Triodos Bank finance helped make it possible for 6.2 million visitors to enjoy cultural events including cinema, theatres and museums across Europe

X Cultural Entrepreneurship

"We support artists to be more entrepreneurial and look for more than one source of finance"

X Inspiration

"We support Arts and Culture because the ability to express oneself freely is an essential part of a sustainable society"

X Workshop spaces

"Financing workshop spaces leads to synergies between artists and gives properties a new lease of life"

X Source of facts & figures

Triodos Group Annual Report 2014

Our expert:
Graeme Galloway

Graeme Galloway - Relationship manager, Business Banking - Triodos Bank

Graeme Galloway is Triodos Bank's expert in arts and culture. He has over 25 years' banking experience and manages the bank's varied and interesting Arts & Culture portfolio throughout Scotland, which includes WASPS and Out of the Blue Arts & Education Trust.

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Networks and Partners



Wasps Artists' Studios is an award-winning charity which provides affordable studio space to support the careers of up to 750 visual artists working in Scotland today. Now with a 30 year track record, WASPs has grown to become one of the largest studio providers in the UK with a network of 17 buildings from the Scottish Borders to the Shetland Islands. Triodos Bank has worked with Wasps since 2004 providing loans to support the redevelopment of studio properties in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Irvine, Aberdeen, Newburgh and Kirkcudbright. 

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How Triodos acts

We look for cultural entrepreneurs that depend on more than one source of finance. This means that they will have a broader base in society for the realisation of their work and are less vulnerable. Further, we are interested in artists who are also conscious of the environment and the society and is able to incorporate this in its work.