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Our expertise in Energy and Climate

Energy and Climate

For a transition from a carbon-based economy to a sustainable economy, it's essential to reduce energy demand, to use energy as efficiently as possible, and to invest particularly in renewable energy systems, while switching to low carbon fuels.

Our expertise facts and figures
X 2,100 Megawatts

The total amount of renewable energy generating capacity currently financed by Triodos Bank

X High impact

Our current energy consumption causes huge environmental damage; we're burning resources that belong to future generations

X 379 projects

By the end of 2014 Triodos Bank and its climate and energy funds financed 379 renewable energy projects across Europe.

X Freeze at 350 PPM

To limit the global temperature increase to 2°C, our carbon output needs to stay below 450 ppm (parts per million). Triodos Bank even advocates decreasing output back below 350 ppm

X 100% renewables

Our long-term goal is a complete transition from carbon-based to renewable energy

X 1.9 homes per customer

For each Triodos Bank customer, we financed the electricity needs of 1.9 homes

X Only connect

All the crises the world faces - energy, climate, food, financial - are connected. Fighting one means fighting them all

X 1 million homes

The amount of renewable energy produced by the projects financed by Triodos Bank is enough energy to meet the electricity needs of the equivalent of 1 million European households during the year.

X 28% 

The proportion of all lending by Triodos Bank to the renewable energy sector

X Source of facts & figures

Triodos Group Annual Report 2014

Our expert:
Steve Moore

Steve Moore - Relationship Manager, Business Banking - Triodos Bank

Steve has focused on renewable energy lending since joining Triodos in 2002, following 15 years of commercial banking experience. Over the past seven years he has played a significant role in the financing of over 25 onshore wind farms and 10 hydro-electric projects in the UK and Ireland.

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How Triodos acts

We're selective when it comes to funding projects in this area. Triodos Bank has chosen not to finance biomass projects that depend on crops grown for energy purposes or those that rely on biomass imported from long distances. Our reason for not funding projects with energy crops is that in the future, the demand for bio energy would compete with the demand for food, which could have catastrophic effects in poorer countries. Imported biomass projects are often made economically viable by subsidies, which we believe does not sufficiently take into account a thorough value chain and energy balance analysis. The view of Triodos Bank is that local biomass resources should be used where possible, instead of transporting resources around the globe in order to take advantage of subsidies.