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Our expertise in Sustainable Banking

Sustainable Banking

Sustainable Banking takes a conscious approach to using money, which considers its environmental, cultural and social impact. Triodos Bank connects savers and investors who want to make a difference, with the businesses and charities which are meeting present day needs without compromising those of future generations.

Our expertise facts and figures
X Relationship-based

"We believe that getting to know our borrowers, and their businesses, is the key to successful long term investment"

X Transparent success

"Being open and honest about how we use our customers' money builds mutual trust, which is good for business"

X Maximizing sustainability

"At Triodos Bank, we see profit as proof of a healthy organisation, but not as an end in itself"

X Unlisted for a reason

"Being unlisted means we don't have to put shareholders' interests before those of our other stakeholders"

X Getting the basics right

"A decent profit, a strong capital base and stable funding are the solid foundations on which Triodos Bank is built"

X 12% growth

"Lending, which is exclusively to sustainable organisations, grew by 12% in 2014"

X 530,000 new customers

"The number of people banking sustainably with Triodos Bank throughout Europe"

X EUR 10.6 billion

"Assets under management grew by 10% in 2014 to EUR 10.6 billion"

X 35 years of experience

"Triodos Bank has been a pioneering force in sustainable banking for 35 years"

X Source of facts & figures

Triodos Group Annual Report 2014

Our expert:
Peter Blom

Peter Blom is the CEO of Triodos Bank and the Chair of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values

‘Profit is not an objective in itself’

After studying economics, and helping to run one of the first organic food centres in the Netherlands, Peter Blom joined Triodos Bank in 1980, the year we first opened for business. Having been with us since the start, he was appointed Managing Director in 1989, and has been CEO since 1997.

More about Peter Blom

Networks and Partners

Global Alliance for Banking on Values


The Global Alliance for Banking on Values is an independent network of banks using finance to deliver sustainable development for unserved people, communities and the environment. Triodos Bank is a co-founder of the alliance. Read more .

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Triodos Bank in action

Triodos Bank believes that a fair remuneration, without bonuses based on agreed targets, creates a healthy, simple remuneration system. In 2014 all co-workers received a token of appreciation of EUR 300.