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Core activities

Triodos Bank’s overall approach to sustainable banking

At Triodos Bank, there are three main ways in which we work to deliver on our promise of sustainable banking:

1. As a sustainable service provider

Our customers don't just want products and services that support sustainable development. They also expect competitive prices and a professional service. So our aim is to provide a range of services that satisfy all these requirements, to an equally high standard.

By doing this, we have created a broad customer base - a powerful international community of individuals, businesses and organisations with a shared desire for positive social, cultural and environmental change.

2. As a product innovator

The more customers we reach, the more good we can do. So we're constantly working to develop innovative new products, which we can make available both directly through Triodos Bank and also via third parties.

3. As an opinion leader

We believe an important part of our role is to stimulate and lead public debate on issues including our quality of life, social and environmental development, and sustainable banking.

As you'll see elsewhere on this site, many of our people are acknowledged experts in their fields, and we strongly encourage them to take part in all relevant forms of discussion and consultation. We want our long and wide experience in promoting sustainable development to make the biggest possible difference.

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