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Intean Poalroath Rongroerrng (Credit, Population, and Prosperity or IPR) is a niche player in Cambodia, focusing on improving the economic conditions for farmers by providing loans that match the harvest periods and by focusing on underserved clients in rural areas. The largest segment of IPR's clientele is rice farmers in remote villages. The loan provided by Hivos-Triodos Fund is aimed at facilitating the company’s growth and carrying out its mission.

KEY INDICATORS IPR as of 31 December 2015:

- number of clients: 4,629
- percentage of female: 90%
- number of rural clients: 99%
- average loan amount: EUR 1,867
- number of savings clients: -


Russian Confederation Blvd 54
Sangkat Phsar Depo 3
Khan Toul
Phnom Penh

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