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Kurt & Caroline Jackson Limited
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Kurt & Caroline Jackson Limited

Arts and culture (Culture)

Lending has assisted with the development of the Jackson Foundation, a gallery space and arts centre created by internationally recognised contemporary artist Kurt Jackson and his wife Caroline.

The aim of the project is to inspire and educate the audience by focusing on Kurt's engagement with the natural world and collaborations with environmental charities and pressure groups whilst providing new and emerging talent with a platform to showcase their work.

As with Kurt’s art, a dedication to the environment is at the heart of the project, with the refurbishment including solar panels, ground source heat pumps and energy-efficient windows.

facebook: JacksonFoundation
twitter: @JacksonFGallery


Arts and culture

Triodos Bank finances arts and culture because we believe it contributes to the quality of life of a society connecting ideas and people, reflecting, and provoking and encouraging positive change. Art can elevate individuals and groups beyond a purely materialistic society.

Kenython Lane
St Just
TR19 7PT

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