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What we stand for

Banking to make a positive impact

We believe that everyone should have equal rights and freedom to pursue their personal development and economic interests. And that they should be able to do so while taking responsibility for the consequences their actions have on society and the planet.

Triodos Bank exists to help individuals, organisations and businesses achieve this sometimes difficult balance.

People, planet and profit: our Triple Bottom Line

Our approach is based on the fundamental belief that economic activity can and should have a positive impact on society, the environment and culture. We value people, planet and profit - and take all three into account in everything we do.

We call this sustainable banking. And it explains why we invest only in, or lend only to, organisations that contribute to a more sustainable society.

Our values: a firm foundation

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world, and have four key values that encapsulate what is important to us, and provide a firm foundation on which to build our business:

Sustainability: We only finance activities that actively benefit people, the environment or culture.

Transparency: We strongly believe depositors should know how their money is used. So we show them on Know Where Your Money Goes.

Excellence: As a bank, we want our products and services to be among the best in our industry.

Entrepreneurship: We’re constantly working to develop innovative new ways to finance sustainable sectors and the entrepreneurs leading them.

Position on financial institutions

You can read here about our position on financial institutions.

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