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A guide to our business loan application process

  1. Submit an enquiry online
    We will review your enquiry to assess suitability, and will contact you within five working days.

  2. Review of application
    If your enquiry meets our initial criteria, a relationship manager will advise what additional information we need and send you an application form to complete and return. Your relationship manager will review your application within three to five working days, and will let you know if we can proceed. At this time, your relationship manager will discuss the proposed terms with you.

  3. Decision
    Your relationship manager will submit your application for formal approval. You will receive a final response within around 10 working days.

    If we decline your application, you have the right to appeal our decision.

  4. Identification checks
    If your application is approved, we will send you the necessary forms to complete to give us the authority to carry out identification checks on the signatories to the agreement.

  5. Facility Agreement
    We will then send you our formal agreement and supporting information. You will need to read, sign and return the agreement along with any other documentation as requested. We recommend that you seek independent legal advice before signing the agreement.

  6. Pre-drawdown requirements
    Your facility agreement may include conditions which need to be met before we can transfer the money. This is likely to include arranging a valuation and legal due diligence for any property provided as security. Your relationship manager will let you know what information is needed and estimated timescales for release of funds.You will need to meet all valuation and legal costs.

    The amount of time due diligence takes varies greatly depending on the type of security and complexity. We recommend that you also discuss estimated timescales with your solicitor.

  7. Money transfer
    Once the pre-drawdown requirements are satisfied, we will transfer your funds to your requested bank account. We will deduct any arrangement and payment transfer fees prior to transferring the money.

  8. Ongoing reviews
    Going forward, your relationship manager will be on hand to help. They will also carry out reviews of your borrowing with us and will contact you to request information when necessary.

Who we finance

Businesses and charities with clear social, environmental or cultural aims.


As a business or charity looking to grow it is important you get the right funding solutions in place, when you need them, to help you achieve your ambitions.

How can we help?

See our FAQs  or contact the team. We're open between 8:00am-6:00pm Monday to Friday. At any other time you can request a call back using our automated system. We will do our best to call you back at the time requested but sometimes this may not be possible.

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