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Deposit accounts for businesses and charities

Financial & Social Return 

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  •  A choice of deposit accounts for businesses, combining ethical peace of mind with a financial return.
  • Reserves you deposit with us will actively support projects working towards a more sustainable society.
  • We only lend to businesses and charities delivering real social, environmental or cultural benefits. 

Choose from our range of deposit accounts for businesses, all of which provide the reassurance of knowing that your organisation's money is being invested to achieve positive ends:

  • Fixed Term Deposits - fixed term and fixed interest rate for more rewarding returns

  • Business and Charity Account - flexible, healthy returns for ethical endeavours

  • Treasurers Reserve Account - higher interest for larger, longer-term deposits

  • Follow your heart. Use your head. Triodos Bank

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    Who we are

    Triodos is a global pioneer of sustainable banking. Our mission is to make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change.

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