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What have Depository Receipt prices been historically?

The table below shows the DR price in euro since 16 Feb 2009.

Date Value
16-Feb-09 70,00€
27-Feb-09 72,00€
18-May-09 70,00€
18-Jun-09 71,00€
01-Mar-10 72,00€
27-Apr-10 73,00€
25-May-10 71,00€
27-Aug-10 72,00€
16-Nov-10 73,00€
14-Apr-11 74,00€
25-May-11 72,00€
17-Aug-11 73,00€
23-Nov-11 74,00€
29-Feb-12 75,00€
30-May-12 74,00€
26-Nov-12 75,00€
14-Feb-13 76,00€
23-Apr-13 77,00€
23-May-13 75,00€
08-Jul-13 76,00€
15-Nov-13 77,00€
20-Dec-13 76,00€
21-Jan-14 77,00€
24-Mar-14 78,00€
28-May-14 76,00€
25-Aug-14 77,00€
12-Dec-14 78,00€
16-Feb-15 79,00€
20-Apr-15 80,00€
30-Jun-15 79,00€
15-Sept-15 80,00€
26-Jan-16 81,00€

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Depository Receipts are denominated in Euro, and dividends are paid in Euro. The return on investments you make in Sterling is therefore also subject to movements in the exchange rate between Euro and GB pounds.

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