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How fast will cheques that I issue from my account be cleared?

If your account has a cheque facility and you issue a cheque on your account, it will normally be deducted from your account two business days after the recipient pays it into their account.

From 30 October 2017 some banks introduced a new system for clearing cheques called the Image Clearing System. This allows banks to clear a digital image of a cheque, rather than the original paper cheque. You will still pay in paper cheques in the usual way, but some banks will use images in the clearing process.

The funds from imaged cheques are available to customers on the next working day.

Triodos Bank are introducing this system on 30 April 2018. This means that some of the cheques that you write will be processed faster than others, and so it is important that if you are writing cheques, then you have funds available to cover them.

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