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Banking that’s proud to be held to account

Join the ethical bank committed to the future and the day-to-day

We believe that banking can, and should, be held to account - serving both individuals, communities and contributing to a more sustainable society. Triodos Bank has the same responsibility as other banks to look after our customers' money, but we approach banking from a completely different perspective.

By banking with us, you're able to see how your money is being used as a powerful force for good, delivering positive change for people and planet. We remain the only UK bank to openly publish a list of every organisation we lend to on our website.

Find out more about our ethical current account, savings accounts and investments.


Current Account

Everyday banking with values. Apply for the Triodos Current Account today.

Savings & ISAs

A range of savings accounts & ISAs using your money to make a positive impact.

Ethical Investments

Ethical and socially responsible investment opportunities.