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Welcome to sustainable banking

What you do every day does make a difference. What you may or may not buy. How you work. How you travel. How you save your money. Even something small like buying the Big Issue. The power is in your hands. All these actions together can make a big difference.

Small. The new big.

Watch our short film, which explains how what you choose to do with your money can help shape a fairer and more sustainable world.

Just a little action can make a big difference

The power is in your hands - you choose what to do with your savings. Use your money for positive change. 

Whatever you're saving for, we've got an account to suit your needs - from tax-free ISAs to easy access online savings and from fixed term Bonds to Charity Saver accounts. Start saving ethically today with as little as a £1.


Change your bank, change the world

We're a different kind of bank. We'll only lend your money to people and organisations that work to make the world a better place. And we promise you'll always know where your money goes.

Changing the way you bank is one of the most effective ways you can change things for the better.

What makes us so sure? Well it's a belief we're living out every single day. Here's how:

Financing change. Changing finance

Save ethically and support The Big Issue

The charities and social businesses we finance, work to improve and enrich the lives of millions of people; tackling inequality and injustice. And developing strong communities in the process.

Triodos Bank's customers include microfinance banks in developing countries, innovative fair trade enterprises and social housing providers.

We're 100% ethical.

We only lend our savers' money to people and organisations who are working to make a positive impact - culturally, socially and environmentally.

We only lend real money.

We only lend money entrusted to us by our savers, and not a penny more. In a climate that's seen so many banks around us thrown into turmoil, our approach has enabled us to remain solid and stable.

We're totally transparent.

We're completely open about how we use our customers' money. And you can see for yourself exactly who we lend to on our website.

So if you're looking for a way to save without compromising on ethics whilst still getting a good return on your money, then switch to sustainable banking with Triodos.


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