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Meet the Changemakers

We can all make change happen

We're a different kind of bank with a different story to tell. We pride ourselves on being open and transparent about how we use our customers' money. We publish details of every single loan and investment we make and the positive impact this is having.

But we've gone one step further and taken some of our customers to visit the inspiring organisations we finance local to them. What better way for them to see the positive changes they are enabling right on their door step, than seeing it first-hand for themselves?

See for yourself in these three films, how our customers are 'Changemakers' - using their money to be a powerful force for good.


When Ella met LATCH

A charity in Leeds that refurbishes houses to provide supported homes for those in need.

When the Wallace family met Out of the Blue

A trust in Edinburgh that supports and promotes Scottish artists.

When Kathryn met Awel Co-op

A Welsh renewable energy project, where community engagement sits at their heart.

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