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Triodos Current Account

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Unveiling the Triodos Current Account


Everyday banking has changed. The Triodos Current Account comes with something the others do not - values as standard.

For many years, you've had the opportunity to make positive choices about the food you buy, the transport you take, the energy you consume and the companies you buy from. Now it's possible to apply your values when choosing a current account.

Every last detail of the Triodos Current Account has been considered.

Our debit card

Our debit card

In support of our commitment to the environment and drive for sustainability, the account comes with an eco-friendly contactless Debit Mastercard© made from natural plastic using renewable resources. We believe this card has the highest environmental credentials of any offered in the UK.

The card is made of an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional plastic such as PVC. This highly innovative new type of card material has been put through a rigorous testing process to confirm its suitability for use in a regularly handled debit card.

Manage your money

Manage your money

It's an online account, managed through internet banking and a mobile banking app which also allows you to discover the inspiring organisations that we lend our customers' money to.

You can manage your money in all the ways you'd expect - by setting up and making payments in to and out of your account, using your card to withdraw cash from ATMs in the UK and overseas and to make purchases both online and in store.

Fair fees and charges

Fair fees and charges

We're taking a bold, and fairer, approach to charges on the account. We believe 'free banking' is a myth, because someone always pays. So, rather than charging excessive penalties to a minority of customers to subsidise a 'free' account, we think a fairer approach is for all customers to pay a modest monthly fee (£3) towards the costs of the banking service provided.

We will provide arranged overdrafts by request, although there will be no unarranged overdraft facility, nor the excessive charges which often accompany them.

For more detailed information about the Triodos Current Account click here

Today you can take the first step towards getting your Triodos Current Account. Simply click the button below to register your interest. When you receive your invitation to apply you'll be able to review all the account features and terms and conditions so that you can be sure that the account is right for you.

We anticipate a high number of people across the UK eager to align their everyday banking with their values, which is why we are making the account available in a planned and sustainable way. From June we'll gradually be sending out invitations to those who've registered to enable them to apply for an account.

Unleash the power of your everyday banking today.


Important information

Terms and conditions apply. The account can be opened by any UK resident aged 18 or over who meets the eligibility criteria.
Arranged overdrafts available up to £2,000, debit interest 18% (EAR) variable. Subject to credit and affordability checks.
There will be no unarranged overdraft facility, nor the excessive charges which often accompany them. This means that no payments will be made on our customers' behalf if there are insufficient funds to do so.
We do not offer telephone banking on this account (although we do offer telephone support and 24/7 out of hours card services). There is no service to pay cash into the account.