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Crowdfunding - Direct investments

Invest directly in pioneering organisations delivering positive change

  • Explore investment opportunities in organisations delivering positive impact
  • Choose an organisation working in an area that matters to you, like helping vulnerable people or creating renewable energy
  • Build your social investment portfolio
  • Open an IFISA, and receive interest tax-free on eligible investments

Your capital is at risk. Payment of interest on bonds or dividends on shares is dependent on the success of the business model of the company that is issuing the bonds or shares. Therefore, returns are not guaranteed and you may not get back the full amount invested. These investments may be long term and are not readily realisable.

Join the crowd

Alongside our personal and business banking services, we also connect investors directly with positive organisations seeking finance through our crowdfunding platform.

You can choose to invest in bond or share offers by businesses, charities and social enterprises working to deliver positive change.

And, with a Triodos Innovative Finance ISA, you can receive interest tax-free on eligible investments.

Visit the crowdfunding platform for more information on investment offers, to learn about the Triodos Innovative Finance ISA and to register as a user.

Watch out for fraud. Genuine Triodos bond offers are only available directly through the Triodos Crowdfunding website. For advice on staying safe visit https://takefive-stopfraud.org.uk/

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