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Pioneer - Healthy People

SunOpta is a global leader in natural and organic food products. It produces, processes, markets and distributes organic and natural food products.

The organisation’s sustainability is central to who it is and how it operates. It is committed to continuously improving its social, environmental and economic performance to positively impact people, partners, communities, the planet and the marketplace.

SunOpta’s approach is built on five platforms that are integrated into its overall business strategy. These platforms are Environment, Workplace, Community, Partnerships and Marketplace - each addresses a dimension of sustainability in a way that works best for the organisation, guiding its efforts towards becoming increasingly more sustainable.

For each platform SunOpta have developed Key Performance Indicators to gauge its progress. It assigns ownership for each of the KPIs and builds this ownership into its performance management systems. This approach embeds sustainability into everyday decision-making across the organisation.

Triodos Socially Responsible Investment Funds

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