Your capital is at risk and the value of your investment may go down as well as up, and you may not get back the amount originally invested. Income is variable and not guaranteed.

The Triodos Microfinance fund is quoted in sterling, however when you purchase or sell, your sterling is converted from sterling into euros or back from euros into sterling.  Your total return is subject to the euro-sterling exchange rate. Dividends are converted from euros to sterling. You may be exposed to currency fluctuations in the regions in which the fund invests.

Investments are not covered by the Dutch deposit guarantee scheme, however they may be covered by the Investor compensation scheme. For more information on these schemes please read the deposit guarantee scheme and investor compensation scheme page.

Pioneering provider

The Triodos Microfinance Fund is managed by Triodos Investment Management, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Triodos Bank. Triodos Investment Management has been a provider of capital to the microfinance sector since 1994. They have provided finance to over 100 microfinance institutions and banks, in more than 45 countries that all demonstrate a sustainable approach towards providing financial services to underserved client groups.

Currency risk

The Triodos Microfinance fund is quoted in sterling, however when you purchase or sell, your sterling is converted from sterling into euros or back from euros into sterling. Triodos Investment Management do not hedge this transactional currency exposure.

To lessen the impact of euro-sterling exchange rate fluctuations on the performance of your investment, Triodos Investment Management employ an ongoing hedging strategy.

Hedging is an advanced investment strategy that involves investing in one security to offset any movement in another related security. It is used to reduce the risk of losses from price or exchange rate movements.

Further currency risk arises as the fund invests in euros, dollars and other local currencies. The fund manager hedges most of the funds exposure to dollars and part of the funds exposure to local currencies.

The Microfinance fund is traded on a monthly basis and subscriptions made in sterling will not be converted into euros and invested until the end of the month, meaning you may be exposed to euro-sterling exchange rate fluctuations for up to a month.

Past performance is not a guide to future returns and you may not get back the amount you originally invested. Returns shown below are in sterling.

The Triodos Microfinance fund should be considered for the long term, e.g. 5-10 years.

Annualised return over the last five years



1 month

3 months


1 year

3 year

5 year avg.

Triodos Microfinance Fund, KZ-cap

GBP 24.33







The above averages or annualised returns take into account the effect of cumulative losses or gains on the performance of an investment. As such these averages are likely to differ from any calculation using the calendar year returns divided by the number of years.

Source: Triodos Investment Management, returns as per 31-08-2018

NAV's as per 31-08-2018

All returns stated have been calculated based on net asset values, including reinvestment of dividends where applicable. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Calendar year returns







Triodos Microfinance Fund, KZ-cap






Performance chart Triodos Microfinance fund, KZ-cap

Triodos Microfinance Fund since

Performance figures shown are assuming income is being reinvested and are net of the ongoing management fee. They do not take into account the effect of the initial charge on the performance of your investment.


The Microfinance fund is offered in both distribution and capitalisation units. With distribution units, income generated by the underlying holdings is distributed as cash. With capitalisation units income is retained within the fund and reinvested, increasing the price of the units. Income is variable and not guaranteed.


Date of payment

Amount per share (GBP)

Triodos Microfinance Fund, KZ-dis




If income is generated, you may be liable to UK income tax depending on your individual financial circumstance.

Should you wish to sell your holding you may either be liable to UK income tax or realise a capital gain or loss. If you are in any doubt as to the tax treatment of this investment we recommend you speak to HMRC or an accountant. Most people have a capital gains allowance of £11,700 (for the 2018/19 tax year), below which there is no charge on gains. If you happen to make a capital loss this can be used to offset future gains. Remember tax rules can change and depend on your personal circumstances.

Please note that investment decisions must be made on the basis of the information provided in the Prospectus and not only on information provided in this summary.

This information is not financial advice. If you are unsure if the Microfinance fund is the right investment for you, please seek independent financial advice. If you don't have an independent financial adviser, you can get details of local financial advisers by visiting

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