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Save with Triodos Bank and we'll donate £40 to the Global Justice Now (formerly the World Development Movement)*

What you need to do to support the Global Justice Now


  1. Click on the button below and choose an account that suits you
  2. Complete an application form and select, or write, 'Partner – WDM / Global Justice Now ' in the 'How did you hear about Triodos Bank? ' field.
  3. We'll donate £40 to the Global Justice Now after the balance of the account reaches £100.



Global Justice Now 


Nick Dearden, Director, Global Justice Now

Nick Dearden, Director, World Development Movement

"At Global Justice Now we campaign against banks that put profit before people. We recently won historic regulation to stop banks betting on food prices and pushing people into hunger. Triodos only lends savers’ money to organisations that benefit people and the planet. And unlike the banks we campaign against Triodos is transparent, so you can be sure your savings aren’t funding something you don’t agree with."

Our relationship with Global Justice Now


We've been working in partnership with Global Justice Now since 2003, and with the help of our savers, have made a significant contribution to support their vital work.  

The charities and social businesses we finance, like Global Justice Now, work to improve and enrich the lives of millions of people; tackling inequality and injustice. And developing strong communities in the process.

Triodos Bank's customers include microfinance banks in developing countries, innovative fair trade enterprises and social housing providers.

*The donation can only be paid if applicants complete either an online application form and select 'Partner – WDM / Global Justice Now'in the 'How did you hear about Triodos Bank?' field, or a paper application form and write 'Partner – WDM / Global Justice Now' in the 'How did you hear about Triodos Bank' box. The donation will be paid after the balance of the account reaches £100. One donation made per customer (one donation made in the event of joint account opening). Triodos reserves the right to decline any application. This offer may be changed or withdrawn without notice at any time.

General Terms and Conditions for personal savings accounts, and any specific conditions for the account also apply.

Why we're a different kind of bank.

  • We only lend our savers money to organisations that make a difference to people and the planet.
  • We publish details of every organisation we lend to, and invest in on our website, so you know exactly where your money goes
  • Which means that you can be certain that your savings are being used to make a real difference.

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