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Penny Brohn, cancer care charity

Penny Brohn Cancer Care in Bristol provides support for people living with cancer, their families and supporters. Its comprehensive programme of lifestyle advice, self-help techniques and complementary therapies helps people deal with the physical and emotional aspects of living with cancer. Your savings could help to finance the important work of charities such as Penny Brohn.

Barra, community wind turbine

See how your savings could support community initiatives like Barra's wind turbine.

The Premises Recording Studio

See how your savings could help finance cultural activities like this popular studio.

Who we lend to

Do you know what your bank does with your money? We believe banks should be open, which is why we publish details of every organisation we lend to on our website. By lending exclusively to organisations who put people and the planet before profits, our savers' money works to create a positive impact and real returns.

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