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Permaculture Association

The Permaculture Association is the national charity that supports people to learn about and use permaculture. They're working in Britain and around the world to make a better world for all using nature as their inspiration.

You save, we donate to the Permaculture Association

It's simple. Follow the link below, open a savings account, deposit £100 or more and Triodos Bank will make a donation to the Permaculture Association*.

Find out about this and how you can support the Permaculture Association, visit www.triodos.co.uk/permaculture or click the button below.


*The donation can only be paid if applicants complete an online application form having visited this website by either clicking on a link supplied by the Permaculture Association , or by typing the URL www.triodos.co.uk/permaculture in their browser address bar. The donation will be paid after the balance of the account reaches £100. One donation made per customer (one donation made in the event of joint account opening). Triodos Bank reserves the right to decline any application. This offer may be changed or withdrawn without notice at any time.

General Terms and Conditions for personal savings accounts, and any specific conditions for the account also apply

    Permaculture Association

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