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Bank with Triodos Bank and we’ll give The Permaculture Association a £40 donation

Financing change.
Changing finance.

We believe that profit doesn't need to be at the expense of the world's most pressing environmental problems. That's why we only lend our customers' money to inspiring organisations bringing about positive social, environmental and cultural change. We're proud to publish all the organisations we lend to on our website.


Andy Goldring, CEO Permaculture Association

Andy Goldring, CEO Permaculture Association

"The Permaculture Association is a network of people and projects learning to co-design a brighter future. We've been working for over 30 years to help make our communities fairer, healthier, and greener.

By choosing to bank with Triodos you are enabling the permaculture network to continue to work on solutions that drive positive change. Together we can develop intelligent systems that meet human needs and improve our precious ecosystems.

With permaculture, designs that produce food, shelter and well-being can also result in increased biodiversity, improved soil health and stronger communities – there are so many great reasons to support permaculture. By opening a bank account with Triodos you will be making a positive difference to both The Permaculture Association and all the projects that Triodos support."

What you need to do to support The Permaculture Association

Triodos will donate £40 to The Permaculture Association after the balance of your Triodos account reaches £100.

Just make sure that when you apply for your account that you select 'Permaculture Association' when we ask you how you heard about Triodos Bank. We'll email you to confirm that the donation has been made.

Find out more about banking with Triodos

For more information about our Triodos Current Account or savings accounts, and their terms and conditions:

Your money can be a powerful force for good.

Using your savings for a sustainable future.


  • This offer is limited to one voucher per new customer, not one per account opening.
  • Triodos Bank reserves the right to decline any application. 
  • This offer may be changed or withdrawn without notice at any time. 

Why we're a different kind of bank.

  • We only lend our savers money to organisations that make a difference to people and the planet.
  • We publish details of every organisation we lend to, and invest in on our website, so you know exactly where your money goes
  • Which means that you can be certain that your savings are being used to make a real difference.

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