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Save with Triodos Bank and we'll give you or a friend an 18-month subscription to Positive News magazine*

What you need to do to claim your Positive News subscription*

  1. Click on the button below and choose an account that suits you.
  2. Complete an application form online.
  3. We'll email you a subscription code for your 18-month subscription with Positive News after the balance of the account reaches £100.
  4. Contact Positive News by email on info@positive.news or telephone 020 7798 6006 to activate your subscription for yourself or have a gift subscription sent to someone else.

If you don't apply for an account now, you must revisit this website either by clicking through from the link supplied by Positive News or by typing www.triodos.co.uk/PositiveNews in your browser address bar, to ensure you can claim your subscription.

Positive News 

posi news

*What you need to know

  • The subscription code can only be emailed if you complete an online application form and select 'Partner - Positive News' in the 'How did you hear about Triodos Bank?' field.
  • Please allow one calendar month after your account reaches £100 for the subscription email to arrive.
  • The offer is valid for three months from the date of your subscription email and can only be used once.

The subscription can only be activated by emailing or telephoning Positive News and not  via the Positive News website.

  • You or your gift recipient will receive six issues of Positive News magazine which is published quarterly.
  • You will be entitled to all the benefits of Positive News subscriber membership during the subscription period, which are: access to digital PDF editions of the magazine, priority invitation to Positive News events, and behind-the-scenes email updates from the Positive News editors.
  • This offer is limited to one subscription or gift subscription per customer (one subscription in the event of joint account opening), not one per account opening, and is non-transferable.
  • If you are a current Positive News subscriber, the offer can be used as a gift subscription for a friend.  To renew an existing subscription the code must be activated within three months.
  • The offer is only valid for recipient postal addresses in the UK.
  • Triodos Bank reserves the right to decline any application and this offer may be changed or withdrawn without notice at any time.
  • General Terms and Conditions for personal savings accounts, and any specific conditions for the account also apply.
  • Favourable tax treatment for ISAs depends on your individual circumstances and could change in the future.


Sean Wood,  Editor-in-chief, Positive News

"Positive News is the magazine for good journalism about good things. As a balance to the negativity bias of much of the media, Positive News is an intelligent, inspiring and beautifully designed publication that focuses on progress and possibility. What also makes Positive News special is that we are a co-operative owned by and accountable to readers worldwide - and any surplus made is reinvested in our journalism. So instead of serving a media mogul, we serve the many. As a magazine and a movement, we are changing the news for good"

Financing change. Changing finance

At Triodos Bank, we believe that profit doesn't need to be at the expense of the world's most pressing environmental problems.

That's why we finance organisations from organic food and farming businesses and pioneering renewable energy enterprises, to recycling companies and nature conservation projects.

Why we're a different kind of bank.

  • We only lend our savers money to organisations that make a difference to people and the planet.
  • We publish details of every organisation we lend to, and invest in on our website, so you know exactly where your money goes
  • Which means that you can be certain that your savings are being used to make a real difference.

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