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About saving ethically

When judging an ethical savings account, what are you looking for?

  • Interest you earn is important - you want your savings to grow.
  • A choice of accounts that suit your circumstances; flexible, fixed term, tax-free interest or a savings account for a child.

But what about the bank’s values and ethics?

  • What type of organisations do they do business with - how do they decide who they lend to?
  • How open are they about where your money is used?

Follow the leader

If saving ethically is important to you, then welcome to Triodos, the world’s leading ethical and sustainable bank.

Put simply, we connect savers who believe in a more sustainable society with organisations that make it happen - culturally, socially and environmentally. And unlike almost every other bank, we’re open about who we lend to. See for yourself at ‘Know where your money goes’. And you can find out more about the way we do business in About Triodos.

 Start saving ethically today  

See an overview of all Triodos Bank savings accounts.


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