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Account security and accessing your account

This section outlines some of the ways we protect your money, account and personal information. It also explains what you’ll need to do to access your account.

As you'd expect from a bank, we take security very seriously. This section highlights what you can do and the features we've put in place to protect your money, account and personal information.

Security word

When you applied for your Triodos Bank account, you gave us a security word which is a memorable word chosen by you. Please remember this word as we will use it to verify your identity on the phone and if you need to reset your internet banking login details online.

Keeping your contact details up to date

We'll only contact you using the details you've given us. If you move home, or change your email address or phone numbers, let us know as soon as possible.

More information about how to this is on our Personal Details and Account changes page.

Internet banking security

Internet banking is a simple and secure way to manage your account, but for added protection:

  • Keep your computer secure. Keep up-to-date anti-virus and spyware software and a personal firewall. If you're using a public computer (for example, in an internet café), delete all personal details once you've finished.
  • Keep your username and passwords secret. Never write your password or username down so others can understand or access it. And make sure no one sees your password or username when you use them.

You can read our full internet banking Security Notice here.

Signature Reply Form

We need to have a signature on file to carry out certain instructions from you. If you applied for your account online, it's important you sign and return the Signature Reply Form we sent with your account opening letter. If we do not hold a signature for you it may cause delays to some of your instructions to us and we may need to request further documentation from you.

Notice period

Your account may have a notice period for withdrawing funds and closing your account.

When you set up a payment online our internet banking defaults to the first date the payment can be made in accordance with any notice period.

Payments you make using internet banking will show as a 'pending transaction' until the payment is sent. You can edit, modify or cancel your payment instruction at any time up to the date the payment is due to be processed.

To manage your payments in this way, go to Account Information and select Scheduled Payments in internet banking.

Nominated account

If you've opened an account online or set up internet banking, you'll have provided a nominated UK sterling account in your name. This creates another important layer of ongoing security and has a dual purpose:

Your opening deposit must come from the nominated account you have chosen.

All withdrawals will be sent to your nominated account only (or any of your Triodos Bank accounts if it accepts additional deposits).

If you're the sole account holder you can have one UK sterling nominated
account in your name. If you're a joint account holder, you can have up to three UK sterling nominated accounts - one account in joint names and two other sole accounts, one in each of the joint account holder's names.

To amend your nominated account please send a signed, written instruction by post to:

Freepost Triodos Bank 

You cannot amend your nominated account within internet banking for security reasons.

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