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I have submitted my declaration and now have an application form, what do I do next?

In order to complete your application form please contact us on 0800 328 2181 so that we can provide you with the current price for Depository Receipts and confirm the total investment sum for the amount of Depository Receipt’s you wish to buy.

Please ensure you’ve read the Important Information on applying for Depository Receipts and the Prospectus. Both are available to view on our website.

Please send completed application forms to:


(please note this is Royal Mail registered 2nd class post) or

Triodos Bank
Deanery Road

A Depository Request quote is valid for 14 calendar days and your application needs to be received within this time or you will need to request an up to date quote. If the price of Depository Receipts varies significantly within this 14 day period we reserve the right to issue you with a new price at our discretion.

Depository Receipts are available to purchase at any time. Buying during an offer period may mean you’ll receive a discount of charges, outside of an offer period no discounts will apply.

Please note that we are unable to accept applications where there is no valid quote so please contact us before you send us your application.

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