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How do Crowdfunding regulations affect Triodos Bank Depository Receipts?

New regulations covering ‘non readily realisable securities’ came into force on 1 October 2014 from the Financial Conduct Authority, Depository Receipts are classed as non readily realisable securities as they are not listed on the stock market and trading is done on an internal matched bargain market basis instead.

The Crowdfunding regulations aim to ensure that anyone investing in such products understands the possible consequences of high risk investments and/or has the ability to minimise the impact of making an investment of this nature either through personal wealth or by ensuring that the investment they make is a small enough proportion of their previous 12 month’s net assets (i.e. less than 10% of them).

These new regulations mean that anyone wanting to buy Triodos Bank Depository Receipts must complete a declaration of appropriateness and eligibility before being able to apply.

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