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How do I set up Internet Banking? / How to set up Internet Banking

  • Switch your digipass on by pressing 'OK'
  • Press button '1' on the digipass
  • Enter the four digit digipass PIN we sent you in the post and press 'OK'
  • You will now be prompted to enter your own new digipass PIN, which for your security must meet the following criteria:
    • It must be four digits long
    • It must be different to the digipass PIN we sent to you
    • It must not be a sequence of numbers, such as '1234'
    • It must not be a sequence of identical numbers, such as '2222'
    • It must not be easily obtained or guessed, such as using you date of birth

Please note, if your choice of digipass PIN isn't considered secure enough the message 'Weak PIN' will be displayed on the digipass. If this happens press 'OK' and you will be prompted to enter a different, more secure, PIN.

  • When your PIN has been changed, an eight-digit code will be displayed
  • To log in to internet banking go to www.triodos.co.uk and click on 'Internet Banking login' in the top right hand corner. From here follow the steps to log in.

If you don't have your digipass, your digipass PIN, or if you have any other questions about activating your account, please call our friendly Bristol-based contact team - they'll have your everyday banking working for people and planet in no time. They're available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm on 0330 355 0355 (+44 117 973 9339 if you are not in the UK).

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