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Can I change a Triodos Fixed Rate Cash ISA into another type of Triodos cash ISA?

We will write to you one month before your fixed rate cash ISA matures, asking you to let us know what you'd like to do with your funds. You can then ask us to change your fixed rate cash ISA into another Triodos cash ISA, when it matures.

Alternatively, during the fixed term of your Triodos Fixed Rate Cash ISA, you could request an ISA transfer into another pre-existing Triodos cash ISA, but you would incur a 'breakage charge'. Complete a Transfer authority form between exisiting Triodos ISAs and send it to us. Your Triodos Fixed Rate Cash ISA will then be closed and transferred to the new Triodos cash ISA, as instructed by you. The ‘breakage charge’ would be equivalent to:

2 year term – 180 days' interest

3 year term – 270 days' interest

The charge will be taken from the account balance, so you might transfer less than originally deposited.

There is no charge when changing to a different ISA type on maturity.

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