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Making and receiving payments

This section explains how to make payments into and from your account, including electronic payments, cheques and internal transfers, and how long these will take to be processed.

Making payments out of your Triodos Bank account

All payments out of your account are made by Faster Payment at the end of any notice period. For the maximum amount that can be transferred using Faster Payments, and the timescales for payments being received, please see the FAQs on our website.

If you have internet banking with a nominated account set up, you can make payments to your nominated account(s) by logging into your Triodos account and selecting Account Management, then Make UK Payment(s) Out. More information about the nominated account, including how to change it, are on the Account Security and accessing your account page.

In all other cases, write to us with details of the payment you want to make. Please include the sort code, account number and account name of the account you want to pay into, as well as the payment amount and when you want to make the payment. Please sign and date your request. For written requests, if we don't have a copy of your original signature on file, we will need further information and documentation from you which may cause delays. More information about this is available on the Account Security page.

Paying into your Triodos Bank account

We do not accept cash deposits.

You can make payments into your account via electronic transfer by giving your instruction to the bank that you wish to send the money from. Please note you are unable to do this by logging into your Triodos Bank account online.

To make standard UK payments into your account you'll need:
your Triodos Bank account name: e.g. Mrs A Jones
your eight-digit account number: e.g. 12345678
your six-digit sort code: e.g. 16-58-10

You can send cheques using our freepost address. Make cheques payable to your name and include a paying-in slip, detailing the account number you want to pay into.

We do not accept foreign cheques.

We do not accept cheques into Triodos Online Saver Plus or the Triodos Online Saver accounts and will return any we receive.

Our freepost address is Royal Mail registered and simple to use. Just write it exactly as shown below on your envelope.


Any post sent using our Freepost address is treated as Second Class post by Royal Mail.

Cheques sent in by post are available for withdrawal on the third business day after they were added to your account. For example, if you send a cheque to us by post, and it is paid into your account on a Wednesday (Transaction date or T), the funds will be available for withdrawal on Monday (T + 3), although they are not cleared funds until the end of the following Thursday (T + 6).

To pay into your account from an international account please refer to our FAQ section and search International payments.

Setting up a Standing Order to pay into your account

If you want to make regular payments into your Triodos Bank account, you can set up a Standing Order from another bank.

Contact the bank you want to send the Standing Order from and follow their instructions.

You'll need to provide your Triodos Bank account details, the amount and frequency you want to make your Standing Order, and when to begin and end payments.

Think about any deposit restrictions on your Triodos Bank account before setting up a Standing Order. For example:

Triodos Fixed Rate ISA, Triodos Stocks and Shares ISAs and Triodos Ethical Savings Bonds - these accounts do not accept Standing Orders.

Triodos Cash ISA - total subscriptions for the year must not exceed the annual allowance.

Triodos Fixed Regular Saver - only one deposit a month, not exceeding £500 a month.

Making internal transfer payments between your Triodos Bank accounts

You can make payments between most Triodos Bank accounts through internet banking. If both accounts are shown in internet banking, neither of them needs to be your nominated account. However, you cannot make payments: into a Bond Account, Fixed Rate ISA or Stocks and Shares ISA
between ISA accounts.

For postal accounts, you can make payments between your Triodos Bank accounts. Just write to us with details of the account you want to make your payment from and to, and we'll carry out your request depending on the notice period on your account.

Internal transfer payments are made after relevant notice periods have been served.

Your opening deposit payment

If you applied online

You'll need to contact the bank where your nominated account is held and provide your new Triodos Bank account details, including your account number and account name. The account opening letter that we send by post to the address that you registered with us will confirm these details. You can also see them by logging into your internet banking.

You will need to transfer your opening deposit payment from your nominated account and you can only start using your account once we've received this payment.

If we receive an opening deposit payment from another account it will cause delays and we may need to return the payment.

We do not accept cheques for your opening deposit if you applied online.

If you applied by post

If you applied using a paper application form and have sent us a cheque, we will have already credited your opening deposit cheque to your account when we processed your application. You'll receive confirmation on your account opening statement. If you have internet banking you can log in and see the opening deposit and your account's current balance.

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