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Change - choose a bank that thinks generations ahead

Choose a Triodos Current Account and know you’re with a bank that supports your values and invests in future generations, every day.

We lend only to organisations that make a positive impact on people’s lives, protect the planet, or build strong communities. And you’ll always know who these organisations are, so you can be sure your money is a powerful force for good.

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Triodos Current Account features

Easy to manage online or with our mobile app
Our mobile app makes it easy to transfer money and keep an eye on your balance:
  • Online account with internet banking
  • Cheque book on request
  • We have no branch network or telephone banking and can’t accept cash deposits
  • Account support by phone when you need it - 8am to 6pm Mon to Fri
  • See more about running your Triodos Current Account here
Eco-friendly contactless Debit Mastercard®
Triodos Mastercard
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Among the UK’s most eco-friendly
  • 24/7 telephone card support services
A fair fee - just £3 a month
  • Typically, banks fund their ‘free’ accounts with hidden costs and high charges on overdrafts – often with financially vulnerable customers footing the bill. We don’t think that’s right or fair. Our £3 monthly fee goes towards the cost of running your current account and is shared equally by all our current account customers.
  • We take the monthly fee on the 1st (working day) of the month, once you're using your account.
Totally transparent charges
Our Charges
Unpaid Direct Debits, Standing Orders and cheques

£5 – we won’t charge you if:

  • the value of the payment is £5 or less
  • the payment would have taken you overdrawn by £5 or less
Stopped cheques £10
Duplicate statements £5
Copy items (per item) £5
Same-day UK electronic funds transfer (CHAPS) £20
International electronic funds transfer See tariff of charges for payment options

The maximum we charge you per calendar month for penalty charges is £50 - even if the total of individual charges exceeds this. For example:

  • 4 unpaid Direct Debits = £20
  • 5 unpaid cheques = £25
  • 3 unpaid Standing Orders = £15

Total individual charges add up to £60, but we’ll only charge you £50.

Using a debit card overseas
Transactions will be processed using the exchange rate set by Mastercard
Non-sterling transaction charge for card payments 2.5% of the value charged in GBP
Non-sterling cash withdrawal charge 2.5% of the value charged in GBP

See our table of charges for more information.

Overdraft by request only
  • We don’t provide unarranged overdrafts. So if you don’t have available funds, your payment won’t be made. ǂ
  • If you have a Direct Debit or Standing Order due and don’t have sufficient funds in your account, we’ll text you so you can make funds available to pay it.
  • You can apply for an arranged overdraft if you think you’ll need one up to £2,000, subject to credit and affordability checks.
  • Before applying for your Triodos Current Account, use our simple overdraft calculator to see how much it will cost.
  • Clear and simple charges:
    • We charge interest at 18% EAR variable for each day you use your overdraft. Effective Annual Rate is the annual cost of the overdraft, based on interest being charged monthly.
    • If you use the maximum available overdraft facility of £2,000, the most you’ll be charged is 91p per day or £30.58 a month (based on 18% EAR variable).
ǂ There are certain circumstances where an unarranged overdraft may occur, see our T&Cs for details. If an unarranged overdraft does occur, we will charge you the same interest rate as an arranged overdraft.
Text alerts to help you manage your finances
  • Our text message alerts help you monitor your account. Alerts include:
    • your weekly balance
    • when you’re within £100 of your available balance
    • a payment pending with insufficient funds
  • Other text alerts to help you keep track of your debit card use. Alerts include:
    • when you’ve spent over a certain amount in a single payment or over a day
    • when you’ve used your card abroad
    • when you’ve made a certain number of contactless payments in one day

You can also receive alerts when you change your personal details or use the Current Account Switching Service.

You can access the full list of alerts online and choose and update your preferences whenever you want.

A 7-day current account switch guarantee
Moving your everyday banking to us is simple, reliable and stress-free with the Current Account Switch Service. Choose a date that suits you and we’ll move all your regular payments and credit balance, close your old account, and make sure any future payments go to your Triodos Current Account. It’s all backed by a guarantee and completed in 7 days.
Current account switch guarantee

How to apply

To apply, just complete our simple online application form.

You must be 18 or over, a UK resident, and meet our eligibility criteria. You’ll need to give us your previous addresses, your UK National Insurance Number, and details of your income and outgoings.

What if I'm not eligible?

What we do and how we do it in 60 seconds

Knowing that my bank supports my values is very important to me. I’m happy to pay the monthly charge if it spreads the cost of banking more fairly. Kat, Bristol
Money is powerful, and we must use it in a way that makes a positive change. Khan, Glasgow
Switching to a Triodos Current Account is just another piece of the puzzle in trying to live according to my values. Abby, Eastbourne

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