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Who are Triodos Renewables plc?

When Triodos Bank set up a branch in the UK they recognised the relative youth of the UK’s renewable energy market compared to continental Europe. To stimulate and drive development of new renewable energy projects the group also set up a new equity based company. That organisation was The Wind Fund plc, renamed Triodos Renewables plc in 2009. Triodos Renewables plc is a renewable energy company investing in UK projects that generate clean green energy. The Company has over 5,700 shareholders who have invested to help tackle climate change in a meaningful way.

Triodos Renewables continues to enjoy the association with Triodos Bank on a number of levels. In a direct manner, Triodos Bank is able to sponsor their capital raising activities from a regulatory perspective. For an annual fee Triodos Bank also provides management services including office space, IT systems and team members to work alongside Triodos Renewables’ own staff. In an indirect manner Triodos Renewables’ shareholders and industry contacts associate the Triodos brand with the core values shared between Triodos Renewables and Triodos Bank of excellence, transparency, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Find out more about Triodos Renewables on their website www.triodosrenewables.co.uk

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