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Who can claim for compensation under the deposit guarantee scheme?

The following persons and legal entities may in principle appeal for compensation under the DGS:

  • Private individuals: natural persons, including minors
  • Individuals in self-employment. Balances held by individuals in self-employment in business and personal accounts are treated as a single person, so that the balances are added together to determine the maximum cover.
  • Legal entities may also claim independently under the guarantee scheme regardless of size, meaning that both small companies and large corporations are covered. Foundations and Associations may also claim independently under the deposit guarantee scheme. Examples of legal entities include: public limited liability companies (N.V.), private limited liability companies (B.V.), foundations, associations, cooperatives, mutual insurance societies and churches.

The website of De Nederlandsche Bank provides a complete list of who is entitled to compensation under the deposit guarantee scheme www.dnb.nl go to ‘English’ section and search for ‘Deposit Guarantee Scheme’.

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