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What is the historical performance of the Socially Responsible Investment Funds / what rate of return can I expect?

The sterling share classes have been on offer for over a full calender year since their launch in the UK in April 2013. We are now publishing details of their first year’s results on the performance tab of each of the funds.

As only one year’s data is available, to give an indicator of the fund’s longer term performance, the performance tab also shows the historic data for the euro share class of the funds. 

As a comparison the funds are benchmarked against euro indices - the MSCI World Net Total Return Euro Index for the Sustainable Equity Fund and the FTSE Environmental Opportunities All-Share Total Return Index for the Sustainable Pioneer Fund.

To see the performance information, please click on the links below.

Triodos Socially Responsible Investment Equity Fund

Triodos Socially Responsible Investment Pioneer Fund

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